Blake Maquette

Alright, so here's the finished maquette for my BFA project. Remember the earlier post with the work in progress? Well, this is what the end product looks like. It's made of Super Sculpey, epoxy putty, aluminum foil, steel wire, copper wire, nails, metal mesh, chain, and a wooden base.  

So without going too far into detail, this guy is the main antagonist in my story. He's the younger brother of the main character (this is the interpretation of Blake, the younger brother, in the main character's subconscious world, which where the story takes place.) He's a druggie, criminal, etc. and the chains and snake/dragon represent his addictions and their binding control over him.  

So, there'll be atleast one or two other maquettes for my project, but I may not show them to the public til my show in December. But stay with me and you might get some more sneak peaks! And please feel free to leave comments.